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Cowgirl. Artist. Photographer. Located in the grassy plains of South Dakota.

My work has been published/featured in Dirt Road Daughters magazine, and the 2011 Capture Dakota book. I've also been featured in articles in the Tri-State Livestock News, and Cattle Business Weekly. My Limited Edition Canvas, "Scatter Butte" was a finalist in the Ex Arte Equinus International Art Horse Competition in 2011 as well.

I do travel and would love to photograph your horses or your family. Contact me if you're interested!

I hope you enjoy looking through my prints. If you see something you like and you wish to have something special done with it please let me know. Most of the photographs on this site are offered for sale and can be purchased right here!

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The South Dakota Cowgirl

  • Fri, 20 Nov 2015 07:09:30 +0000

    A Pretty Mecate

    I seriously don’t know how I missed posting this here.  

    These. These custom, gorgeous, handmade mecate reins. Sigh. The hackamore was a gift from the Cowboy to me, last year for my birthday. Talk about an awesome birthday gift! It’s kangaroo hide, and it is so soft and shapeable. Doesn’t Dino look gorgeous in them? 

    The South Dakota Cowgirl, south dakota cowgirl photography, the dx ranch, hackamore horse, quarter horse, mecate reins, mecates, handmade, colorful cowgirl reinsA Colorful Mecate

    My only excuse is that Cavvy Savvy keeps me pretty busy, and lately, I’ve been too busy to even post over there! How does that happen?  How am I too busy to even write when I get paid? But better yet, how did I miss sharing these beauties with you this fall when I got them?  I’ve already ordered two more — one for when I have a horse ready for a pencil hackamore, and one to be a get down rope when I’ve got a horse straight up in the bridle, which will happen, eventually.  The Colorful Cowgirl outdid herself. Seriously… I’ve ridden with two other braided horsehair Mecates and these are by far the best.  They don’t have a core, which makes them super soft and the feel… oh the way they feel. Not just to me, but to the horse too!  I have no idea what colors I’ll have her make me for the next two and luckily I have time to think about that… I’m half tempted to stay with the same color scheme, because well, red and turquoise are gorgeous together. 

    Do any of you, my lovely readers, have reins made by Gloria? If you don’t, you’re missing out!

    Happy Trails!

    PS – This photo will be in my 2016 calendar too, in case you’re wondering… 

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